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FM Handelsgesellschaft


Our recipe for success is based on the brewing tradition of centuries, best quality ingredients and strict compliance with the Bavarian code of purity on beer (Bayerisches Reinheitsgebot) of 1516: quality, you taste on every mouthful. Our beer is brewed with the best of Tettnanger hops, the so called “green gold”, valued by successful brewery masters for the refinement of their best beer specialties. Special recipes and uniquely created malt compositions carry a special note and provide for a distinctive taste.

Our beers are brewed in the traditional fashion of brewing art yet in one of the most innovative medium-sized breweries in Germany. Newest technology ranging from the wort kettle to the storing tanks enables us to perform our handcrafts at the very best standard of quality.

We are a modern enterprise in the larger area of Bamberg, the area with the highest culture for beer in Bavaria, the highest density of breweries in Germany and the whole world. We are committed to our goal of supplying the international market with our high quality and traditionally brewed beer furnishing, a sense for the art of craftsmanship and its quality. We make this our priority.

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